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I am Jonas, the founder and one of the people behind the Stackademy courses.

At Stackademy, all our courses are (1) full-time, (2) intense, (3) current and (4) made for practice, taught and managed 100% in Berlin, Europe's fast-growing startup hub.
All of our instructors develop and work on real-world projects in addition to teaching, so your course is always rooted in the practice. We add one important distinction: every one of our courses is generally run one time only, so that we can keep our curriculum current and find the right instructor for each turn.
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I encourage you to take a look at our program details. If you have any question at all, please contact me at my personal email address at any time:

If you are unsure whether learning to code is right for you: Read on.

Have you considered learning to code? If so, I don't need to tell you that this is one of the best ways of unlocking potential previously out of reach. Web technologies are becoming more diverse and powerful by the day, and third-party services make it easier than ever to integrate complex features without hassle.

If you haven't thought about starting to program, I encourage you to read Marc Andreessen's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on how software is eating the world.
It might surprise you, but the people behind some of the most powerful products on the internet are far from being experts in computer science:

Dennis Crowley, the founder of Foursquare, knew enough PHP and MySQL to hack together a rough prototype.

Kevin Systrom of Instagram started programming as a kid but quit his Stanford CS class for Management Science & Engineering after seeing many "fantastically smart people" in that group in the first quarter.

If you can work on your ideas and turn them into code, there are no limits to where it will take you. And at Stackademy, no matter the program, the focus is always on teaching you skills you can apply.
Just as important, our courses are based in Berlin, a city that is all about reinventing yourself in the first place.

So: take a look at our courses and if you want to seize this opportunity, apply. If you are still looking for more, contact me personally at .

Our home: Berlin

Berlin has found itself as a dynamic and growing startup hub, open to international founders and companies setting up shop here.
If you haven't been, you will find Berlin a great place to be. From fashion and music to arts, the maker community and the obligatory third-wave coffee culture, Berlin is a city full of experimentation and creativity. And while we don't want you to lose focus, Berlin does have great clubs, bars, and events to unwind.

It is also the right place to get involved with startups: not only are major companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter and Microsoft present in Berlin, it is also home to startups such as Eyeem, ResearchGate, Soundcloud and Wooga, who are paving the way for more to come.
Which puts you in good company if you decide to follow Matt Cohler's advice:
"If for some reason you don't want to (or can't) come to San Francisco, then head to Berlin. All of the key ingredients are there. These are still the early days, and it's good to be in on the ground floor."

Image by Harald Hoyer via flickr.com | CC BY-SA 2.0

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