Web Application Development

12 weeks of full-time, intense coding.

Experienced instructor.

Great partners.

Optimal setup.

friends and partners

12 weeks of full-time web application
in Berlin, Germany.

tuition (incl. 19% VAT) starting at€ 5,950.-

See our FAQs for details and payment plans.

Web Application Development

Seize the chance and participate in a unique full-time program designed to get you ready to build apps and supercharge your skills.

The Web Application Development is taught by Edward McCaughan, a full-stack developer with several years of experience in building out and optimizing Ruby on Rails applications, and will take you from the basics all the way to working on full-blown web applications built on Ruby on Rails and the right mix of database and front-end technologies.

  • No previous programming experience required
  • Prep course for HTML/CSS included
  • 12 weeks full-time
  • Classes: Mon - Fri, 9am to 6pm

Are you looking for training that fits your company's needs?
Contact Jonas Knipper at for corporate courses and customized offerings.

"The idea behind Stackademy is a really good one,
and a perfect fit for Berlin at this point.

If you have been looking for the right way to get started
with learning to code, you might have just found your answer!"

Sebastian Fallert
Co-Founder JustBook Mobile GmbH (Berlin)

Become a builder

We want you to hit the road running once you have successfully completed the course.
Here is what we teach:

  • Ruby, and the Sinatra and Ruby on Rails frameworks
  • Active record, MVC
  • Database foundations, PostgreSQL
  • Frontend design and development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript incl. AJAX, jQuery)
  • Third-party services & API integration, as well as authentication and security
  • Test-driven development, version control
  • Deployment on cloud infrastructure

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Learn from a pro

The Web Application Development course is led by Edward McCaughan.

With a degree in robotics and electrical engineering and several years of experience as a web developer working on real-life applications and projects, Edward brings both an excellent theoretical understanding and practical experience to the course.
Following a stint at a UK-based IT agency, he moved to Berlin in 2010 and joined Betterplace, a Berlin-based company supporting non-profit organizations of all sizes in their fundraising and operations, where he built out and optimized the Ruby on Rails-based application backend and platform.

Edward has been teaching basic and advanced Ruby on Rails courses since 2013, and is a mentor at Rails Girls Berlin.
As a Maker-Of-Stuff and well versed hackathon participant, Edward brings a focus on practice and great sense of humor to all stages of the course from start to finish.

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Step up your game

We have set up Stackademy to be the turbo-charged start on your way to becoming serious about coding.

To get you up and running fast and in the right direction, we are bringing in expert partners for first-hand advice on starting your own company or becoming a successful startup employee or freelancer, as well as tons of tips and advice on how to integrate third-party services and APIs into your own projects. Last but not least, we are partnering with a number of selected companies for our recruiting day in the final week.

Stackademy gets you in touch with selected recruiting partners at the Recruiting Day in the final week: Talk to tech recruiters and see if you fit their profile. If you pass the hiring process and decide to join one of our partners, we will sweeten the deal and refund € 1,000 of your tuition.

Experience Berlin

Berlin is a city with a rich history and a colorful present, and very easy to get comfortable in for international visitors. With the recent startup boom, you'll feel right at home.
We'll be happy to help you find accommodation in Berlin, if Airbnb, Wimdu and 9flats don't do the trick, and will link up participants interested in sharing a larger apartment.

As an EU citizen, you can generally live and work in Berlin freely. Citizens of many other countries such as the United States, Canada and Israel can enter and stay in the EU for up to 90 days without a visa, which will suffice for the course. (The German Federal Foreign Office has more information on its website)
Please make sure you know the requirements for your specific situation and contact us and the German embassy in your country when in doubt. Also let us know if you need assistance with German-language forms or requests.

Note that you will generally not be allowed to take on any kind of work in Berlin during your stay. However, should you seek a position in Berlin after the conclusion of the course and get hired, you will find that many employers are able to assist in the process of getting all necessary documentation for a longer-term residency as a non-EU citizen.

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